New 2017 Inscape Retail Price List

Discover the full range of our products:

No matter the size, location or type of space you have we have a design solution for you. Our products are ideal for restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and all public spaces. Our designer pots and furniture are also an easy and quick method of sprucing up the look of temporary exhibitions, displays and promotions, generating a professional image that will turn heads. What’s more our products are easily packed away, transported and stored, giving you one less thing to worry about. Due to the versatility of our products, it makes them an ideal solution for altering your existing look without extensive remodeling. This is a great way to keep up with the latest trends in an economically sustainable way.

Our environmentally conscious products are made from recycled UV stabilised polyethylene, that is tough, safe and robust, making them suitable for all indoor and outdoor settings.

Our product range features work from the following designers:

  • Marc Sadler
  • Karim Raschid
  • Paola Navone
  • Marcel Wanders
  • Gianni Arnaudo
  • Jorge Najera
  • Odoardo Fioravant
  • Alberto Brogliato
  • Setsu & Shinobu Ito
  • Marco Zito

It’s time to take your environment to a whole new level. Enjoy the sense of wonder and contentment that our trendy designer pots and furniture can make to your place. Enhance your lifestyle and relish your surroundings with our stunning products.