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“It all started with a vision.”

Inscape Ltd

We help improve the image of your

interior and exterior settings.

Inscape Ltd

We can provide you custom designs

to match your environment.

We Just Love the Business of Nature

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Dare to be different

Feeling adventurous? Want to be part of one of the world’s leading trends? Talk to inscape about our green technology. Green walls provide endless opportunities to turn your workplace around. Explore our green technology page to learn how a green wall could revolutionise your interior environment.

Hire Plants from us!

We offer a professional service to wide range of clients, who we work closely with to ensure we understand and meet their needs.

Hire Plants  |  Inscape  Ltd

– We can provide you custom designs to match your environment. Hire Plants for any event or interior design that comes up for you. We’re also New Zealand’s leading supplier of custom-crafted pots for indoor plant environments.

Concerns over our ecological footprint and green building practices are moving more mainstream and with indoor plants being able to naturally filter air impurities, it makes them perfect for creating healthy interior spaces. There’s no better time than now to breathe in nature and think green.

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Our Clients

Inscape’s clients include some of New Zealand’s top property owners, as well as large shopping centres, high-end hotels and government organisations, to name a few. To see how we have altered their environment with our stunning interiorscapes have a look at our gallery. Your place could be next!

The quality of interior environment concentrates on setting up natural internal habitats for anyone. The addition of these plants is an essential element in accomplishing this. Interior plant design is a wonderful and effortless solution to improve the appearance of your office with added color along with an eco-friendly message that depicts you value your people as you are boosting your own vision.

We offer a plant hire service that ensures you have access to the most extensive range of plants to create your unique plantscape. We provide all necessary information on care and maintenance of every indoor plant you hire.

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Our interior landscapes focus on producing positive vibes, while engaging all your senses to create a beautiful atmosphere you will love to be in. Begin to imagine the endless possibilities inscape can design for you. Discover how we can change the face of your business with one of our fashionable interiorscapes.

There’s no substitute for a vibrant environment. Hire plants from inscape can enhance your environment and improve the image of your interior and exterior settings. From hotel lobbies, to shopping malls and offices, inscape’s indoor plants can create inspirational spaces that you’ll love to be in. Our reputation is built on creating unique, fresh plantscapes for each client.

Why us?

  • We are a 100% NZ owned indoor plant hire and landscape company, who pride ourselves on enhancing indoor and outdoor environments of businesses around the country.
  • All our staff are well-educated and qualified, with key staff being Green Star Accredited Professionals (GSAP).
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