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Interior Plants


Positive impressions

It’s amazing what a big difference a little change with interior plants can make to your place. Interior plants offer subtle brilliance, people will wonder what you did. Hire plants with inscape will revolutionise your space and leave a lasting impression on all that experience your rejuvenated environment. Energise and excite those who spend time at your place with fresh beauty, colour and life.

Choose your right option

Our design consultants will work with you to find the best interiorscape solution for you. We can do an on-site analysis of your place to ensure that the most suitable plants are chosen in regards to your light levels, indoor temperature and other such elements which will effect the growth of your plants. We will also access which pots will work best in terms of colour, size and finish.

What now?

Contact inscape today to find out how our interior plants (hire plants) can work wonders for your business!

Plant Guide

Choosing the right plant is an important step in creating a successful interiorscape. At inscape we carefully consider all plant choices to ensure that your plants will be the healthiest they can be.

Below we’ve posted pictures of some popular plants to get you inspired. Please note that this list is nowhere near exhaustive and that some plants are subject to availability depending on season and demand.


Green Technology

Green walls

This innovative concept is a marvelous way to create a focal point or statement piece, no matter the size of your space. The options are limitless, giving your imagination room to fly.

Green walls will inject your environment with beauty and energised vibes that will leave you feeling refreshed, healthy and full of life.

Want a green wall now? Get in touch with inscape to start your exciting journey of transforming your environment today.


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Service from Inscape – Hire plants

Services from Inscape – We specialise in interior plant hire and have been sharing their skills and knowledge with clients around New Zealand for well over a decade, creating interiorscapes that are both gorgeous and beneficial to your health.

Inscape provides a comprehensive service from the floor up. To get your interiorscape off the ground we will start with an intitial, obligation-free consultation to establish your interiorscape visions and any restraints your site may present. When you are happy with our finalised design inscape will then take care of the installation, followed by on-going maintenance.

Questions? Touch base with inscape today to have all your queries answered and to find out more about what we can do for you!

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